Today was B-Day

Tonight I'm talking boobs. My boobs, to be exact. And yours. 

Today was B-Day. Boobie Day. The day I attended the breast clinic after noticing a change in one of my breasts several weeks ago. I thought I found a lump when checking my breasts. I don't always check them, I'll admit, so despite that initial flash of "is it a lump or not" I wasn't entirely sure I wasn't imagining it. So I left it and to be honest, didn't think too much more of it. 

But after weeks of checking them and trying to track changes there was a little nagging voice telling me to get it checked.  As well as finding a lump I had a  slight milky discharge and pain in my armpit.

I was really quite nervous about the appointment but I cannot emphasise enough just how kind the staff were, explaining everything and making sure that I was comfortable and understood what was happening. I was initially seen by the Doctor who discussed my concerns and did an examination. I was then given an ultrasound by a different Doctor who was very reassuring and the Nurse who accompanied him was lovely and did a great job of putting me at ease. The results were then returned to the original Doctor and discussed with me.

The Doctor told me that what I was feeling was a combination of fatty deposits and my glands. She asked me if I had lost any weight and said that often when someone loses or gains weight it makes the breast feel very different to what we might normally feel otherwise. Apparently a milky discharge is quite common and nothing to worry about either.  

I cannot believe the relief I feel. I guess it probably sounds quite dramatic but you have all these thoughts running through your head and then when you get the all clear, that's it. Nothing to worry about!

So, here's where's YOUR boobs come into it:
  • Make sure you check them. In the shower is a good place as you're naked anyway.
  • Check them regularly.
  • Know what is normal for YOU. 
  • Know what you are looking for - the image below (from Breast Cancer Care) tells you more:

Finally, if you think something feels different get it checked out. Don't worry about wasting the Doctor's time and don't be fobbed off if you are checked out and are still concerned. Trust your instincts and remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

And that is the end of tonight's lecture. Good night :)

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  1. I needed to read this tonight Kate, I'm so pleased everything is ok xxx