A catch up with my weight loss (or not)

No doubt you will have guessed from the lack of Slimming World related posts that I have fallen off the wagon.  I don't even know what my excuse is, I think its just my subconscious thinking of it being a diet. And I always feel like such a lazy fraud for not sticking to it, even with the help and support of friends. Slimming World works, I know that as does everybody else.  I feel like a petulant teen saying it, but I don't want to diet, it needs to be a change for life to work and to be able to sustain it.  I don't want to feel like I'm missing out if I don't have a piece of cake or chocolate and I know thats a big part of the problem.

Even though I've fallen off that wagon, I'm still plodding along. Slowly but surely. I'm trying to be more mindful of what I'm eating and when. I won't lie, I have gained a few lbs but I have kept the vast majority of it off (apart from this week, pesky hormones and water retention. Grrrrr).

All that being said, there are a few changes happening here. I am making more of an effort to try different foods and ingredients. For example, this week I've eaten avocado (mixed with egg and chilli), normally I would only eat avocado if it was in a dish when eating out. I've also made smoothies (banana, coconut milk and almond butter) and I feel better for them and surprisingly full. I've been following some new people on Twitter and Instagram, one of whom is Lucy Bee and looking at the different ingredients they use, including the coconut oil which I picked up to try. It definitely adds a different, lighter, flavour to foods and is really quite delicious.  With that in mind, I have just purchased myself a Nutribullet, as a way of getting more fruit and vegetables into my diet - I'm very excited about it arriving and trying new smoothie combinations. 

I also purchased myself a Fitbit Charge using some of my Christmas pennies and I've been pleased with it from the start! It tracks steps, how many floors climbed, distance walked and calories. Its also a watch and I can track my sleep with it. It remains a source of debate between my husband and I as to how accurate it is but regardless of that, for me its motivating me to move about more and that can only be a good thing. I average between 6,500 and 9,000 steps a day which is ok considering I'm mostly at home but I obviously want to increase that.  

Another change is that I'm trying another 'something new' in the form of a Slimpod which Thinking Slimmer have kindly sent me. I will be listening to this on a daily basis to help retrain my thought process to help me in my weight loss plans. It isn't a diet but will help me to think about food differently. Part of the process is setting myself some goals, which I have done but I'm not ready to share them just yet ;) There is plenty of evidence to show that positivity and affirmations help people to achieve goals so I'm putting my faith in the system and working with it. 

So that's where I am. Plodding along, slowly but surely. It might take me a while but I'll get there. 

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