Recording Memories for our children

My Mum and Dad divorced when I was 3 and when we left, we moved in with my Grandparents. Everything we had, including a large amount of my baby and toddler photos, was stored in their garage. Whilst we were there, there was a fire, destroying our possessions, including the photos.

Eventually, we moved out and as I was growing up, we moved about quite a lot, well over 10 times. We stayed in the same area, never moving far but things got misplaced or discarded each time - cuddly toys, a mug and postcard collection. Although they are obviously very nice to have, material things like those don't really worry me too much, but now I have children, it would be nice to have things to pass down but what I would really like, is to be able to compare more photos of me as a baby with E and T.

Combined with what is termed a 'broken' family and so-called close family members who I have limited or no contact with means I feel there are gaps in my history. There's lots I don't know about members of my family and things that I don't know, or I just don't remember from my childhood. 

And its one of the reasons, if not the reason why I try to record so much for E and T. My family joke that no other children are photographed as much as them but it feels important to me that I do it and have them there for us all to look back at. 

As well as the photos, we obviously have the baby books for each of them. Because there's only so much you can get in a baby book, I've also done a first year of memories scrapbook for E and I'm currently working on T's. They aren't anything too fancy but they contain their scans and birth story and photos with notes of when they were taken, where we were, what we were doing etc.

I also have two notebooks on the go, again one for each of them, to scribble down little notes here and there, every day things and things that make me laugh. Sometimes E will say or do something and I think I'll always remember it but some days I struggle to remember my own name so the chances are, I won't. So I've been adding things as and when, new words, about her first day at nursery, places she's been, funny things she has said or done.  Last night, after Nanny asking Grandad to make her a cup of tea and to grab the cakes she said "come on Grandad, get up and get the cake. Make a cup of tea", basically repeating what Nanny had said but with such attitude - so that's going in the book! This is something I want to do for them both for a few years yet - I'm aiming for 18, but we shall see! 

I'm also aiming to write a few things for them about myself and D, our childhoods and things we liked to do and a few random memories. When they are both much older I plan to give them all to E and T in a box with a few keepsakes such as their hospital bands and tags and a couple of my favourite outfits for them and the hope is that they will be able to pass them along to their children in time - provided they want to, of course!

How are you making memories for your children? Do you have any other suggestions that I could add to this - I'd love to hear them.

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