Sales Shopping

I love the sales following Christmas and for the last few years we've started going on Boxing Day. We arrive for 9ish, whizz around and are usually back home for late morning/lunch time, before any relatives arrive.

This year, much to some people's surprise, we attempted it with both E and T and I have to say it was a complete..... SUCCESS, so I thought I'd share some of our buys, albeit somewhat later than planned!

We only visit a handful of shops and Boots is always one of them and I always head straight to the gift sets. I always have birthdays and special occasions in mind and whatever I buy goes towards them. I usually buy a few smaller things as emergency gifts for whatever reason but this year I didn't see anything that I really liked.  So that's my gift drawer for the year started. With all these being half price, this little lot came in at £50-something. 

Since having E, we always make a beeline for Monsoon and we are usually very lucky to find some absolutely gorgeous bits for her.

This year we picked up these two coats and the dress. The pink coat is for now (it has silvery, glittery specks running through it and the collar removes) and the check one is for next year. We also picked up a shorts and t-shirt set for her and some hairclips which aren't pictured.

In Clarks we picked up some new shoes as her current pair are getting quite tatty and worn from nursery. 

E and T were lucky to have some money and vouchers for Mothercare so we also headed there. We picked up some extra track for E's happyland train set as well as some clothes for T.

When we popped in to Tesco we also found this Barbie reduced to just £5 - E has been showing a bit of interest in Barbie when adverts come on the TV so we thought it was worth buying. She's played with it a LOT so it was well worth it!

I seem to have gone a bit mad in the sales this year because as well as this lot there was also a couple of other items for T, not to mention the ton of clothes I've got for myself online. But I always think if I'm going to buy things anyway, I might as well take full advantage! 

And just incase you feel crazy enough to attempt sales shopping with two young children, here's my tips:
  • If they're both young enough to use take a double pushchair with you or at a buggy board to prevent toddlers from complaining about walking.
  • Make sure they've had some breakfast before going so they don't complain about being hungry.
  • Don't park too far away so you can return to the car with any purchases.
  • Take lots of treats/snacks for bribery - whether you agree with it or not, it helps and once in a while won't hurt (for the record, when we take snacks out like this we usually take Ella's Kitchen puffs, Pom Bears, Fruit Stars, oaty flapjack bites, breadsticks and as a last resort, chocolate!).
  • Don't forget to stop for coffee and a rest!
So that was this year's bargains!

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