Review: Bobux Xplorer Range

Bobux are a children's shoe designer, born in 1991 they are based in New Zealand but sell their range of baby and toddler shoes around the world. 

Their new Xplorer shoe has been designed to meet the needs of children in the early stages of learning to walk. The shoes are soft and flexible for crawling and cruising inside and are also sturdy enough for the outside. No other shoe meets both needs.

What they say:

“… Bobux is the premier barefoot freedom brand in the UK. Born in New Zealand over 20 years ago by a parent who desired the best for his daughter’s feet.

Barefoot is simply better when it comes to little feet growing. However, it’s not always practical so the flexibility, breathability and a unique internal shoe shape that reflects the actual shape of a child’s foot means little feet have no restrictions and will develop healthily….”

Bobux are committed to safety and quality:
  • All products tested to European REACH standards.
  • All tanning agents and dye colours used in our leather products are water based.
  • Tests confirm no presence of any harmful substances in our products.
  • All testing carried out independently by accredited authorities and to internationally recognised environmental standards.
  • Every shipment pre-tested and re-checked before dispatch.
  • All products manufactured to the highest safety and as well social compliance regulations.

What we thought:
  • My first thoughts were that they were incredibly light weight and I was really surprised at just how soft they felt. 
  • The shoe fastens with a combination of elastic and Velcro fasteners. The inside of the shoe is also soft and seamless.
  • I’m not normally a fan of young children wearing black, even in shoes, but I actually really like the pop of colour against it. The sole is the same colour as the stitching, with a black X in the centre. It has to be said, these couldn’t be worn with dresses and ‘girly’ outfits but they do look great with jeans and leggings.
  • They’re really flexible, you can pretty much bend them in any direction and they pop straight back in to shape. Ideal if you tend throw things in a bag to use whilst out (we often pop them on after taking T out of her snowsuit).
  • I like the toecaps. They have a slightly different texture to make them abrasion resistant, meaning they haven’t got any scuff marks on them. Perfect for T who is constantly switching between furniture cruising and crawling!
  • I found them a little awkward to put on, partly because T is just so wriggly and partly because they are so soft, so its hard to push against anything getting her foot in. That said, once they’re on, they’re on! In the few weeks she’s been wearing them, she’s only managed to get one of them off and even then, I’m really not sure how she managed to do it!
  • T seems to find them comfortable. I’ve tried other shoes on her before and she’s kicked them off and grumbled about them. These don’t appear to bother her at all. She cruises around the furniture quickly and confidently. Her foot stays flat to the ground and she moves with ease.
  • Overall, we absolutely loved the shoes and would happily recommend them. The range starts at £27 which I think is comparable with other brands and I’d be more than happy to pay that for them.
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Just to be clear: We were sent these shoes free free of charge for the purpose of this review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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