Review: Galaxy Quick Reads

Before I had children, the one thing I use to do a lot of - and love - was reading. Whether it was in the bath, getting in to bed early or laying in of a morning with a coffee, I would spend hours reading, always reading just one more page and eager to find out what happened next. Books have played a big part in my life for as long as I can remember but since having the girls, there's always something else that needs to be done. I often start a book but don't get much further than a few pages in before being distracted and when I manage to pick the book up a few weeks later, I just can't get into the plot. 

So the GALAXY® Quick Reads book range really appeals to me. Launched in 2006, it commissions, publishes and distributes short books by big name authors to help get people reading. In that time it has distributed over 4.3m books! 

In February 2015 six new books will launch aimed at helping adults across the UK rediscover the pleasure of reading - including mums like me!  Written by renowned authors (Roddy Doyle and Sophie Hannah, to name two), they are priced at just £1 and will be available from 4th February. 

I was lucky enough to be sent two of the books to read: 

Pictures Or It Didn't Happen by Sophie Hannah 
After Chloe and her daughter Freya are rescued from disaster by a man who seems too good to be true, Chloe decides she must find him again to thank him. But instead of meeting her knight in shining armour, she comes across a woman called Nadine Caspian who warns her to stay well away from him. The man is dangerous, Nadine claims, and a compulsive liar. Alarmed, Chloe asks her what she means, but Nadine will say no more. Chloe knows that the sensible choice would be to walk away - after all, she doesn't know anything about this man. But she is curious. What could Nadine have meant? And can Chloe find out the truth without putting herself and her daughter in danger? 

Paris for Two One by JoJo Moyes 
Nell is twenty-six and has never been to Paris. She has never even been on a weekend away with her boyfriend. Everyone knows she is just not the adventurous type. But, when her boyfriend doesn't turn up for their romantic mini-break, Nell has the chance to prove everyone wrong. Alone in Paris, could this turn out to be the most adventurous weekend of her life?

I can't tell you how nice it was to snuggle down and read these without it taking me forever to do so!  I really enjoyed both of them and they were the perfect length for me to pick up and put down over a couple of days, without forgetting what was happening.  I'd forgotten just how much I love to read and its definitely inspiring me to turn the mobile off and pick up a book of an evening, even if its for just 20 minutes. If, like me, you struggle to find the time or inclination to finish a book, Galaxy Quick Reads are well worth a read. 

Just to be clear: GALAXY® Quick Reads were kind enough to send me these two books to review as well as some scrummy Galaxy chocolate to enjoy in return for my honest review. 

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