T is 10 Months

A little catch up of T at 10 months:

- The reflux issue has now been long sorted. It pretty much disappeared once she started weaning and she's now such a smiley little thing and nearly always has a grin on her face. 

- Teething, teething, teething. 3 half way through, bumpy gums and another 3 starting to make an appearance. Dribble everywhere. 

- Definitely a Mummy's girl. She usually gravitates to me, regardless of whether she's with someone else before she sees me. She also gets quite put out if she see's me holding another baby or cuddling E for too long!

- Our weaning journey has gone well, this girl loves her food! Favourite foods currently include toast and bananas. Cheese straws, cheese and chocolate buttons also go down a treat. 

- She babbles away for most of the day. Her current words are Mama, Dada and Nana with something that sounds rather like cat thrown into the mix. She's also said yes on two occasions but we think that was more fluke than anything as she hasn't said it since. 

- Afternoon naps can be a bit hit and miss, she'll have 30mins - an hour in her cot and then wants to spend the rest of her nap laying on me. 

- She loves her Grandad and will often follow him around the room, grabbing at his leg to be pulled up and as he does so, she really snuggles in for a cuddle. 

- She loves dancing! As soon as she hear's some music she will start to have a good wiggle and almost looks like she's having a fit. Its really rather cute :) 

- She absolutely ADORES her sister and wherever E is, she really wants to be. E isn't so keen on this!  Its far to say that she will tolerate her for so long but then enough is enough. This means I spend some of my day feeling more like a referee than a Mum! 

- She loves a game of peek-a-boo and will bob up and down in her cot first thing in the morning. 

- She's currently taken to pulling all of the cushions from the sofa so that she can lay down on them. She likes to make sure you're watching as she does it and quickly throws herself down with a cheeky grin and 'aahhhh'. 

- In the last few days, she has started to stand on her own. At first for a few seconds but gradually standing for longer and longer and getting more balance. 

So that's T. Our mad, chunky monkey :)

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