Thursday, 26 February 2015

What they wore #22

Catching up with this week's what they wore. Apologies, I've missed a couple of weeks. It was half term so E was off nursery and I was also ill, I'm pretty sure it was flu but regardless, it completely wiped me out. So, here we are:

E's hand-me-downs! Both the top and trousers were from Next. Stripes and butterflies? Why not, lets mix our patterns!

I wouldn't normally pick black but E someone kindly gave her this top as a little something when T was born and she seems to love the sequins on it (and there's me hoping I could avoid a sequin phase). Again, from Next, as are the jeans - Next jeans are always a brilliant fit on E! 

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  1. That heart sequin top is marvellous - think that it comes in my size?! E is suddenly looking very grown-up and T is as sweet as ever!

  2. I've never done black for N either, but the sequins do help lift it. #TT_thursday

  3. Patterns and sequins. Sounds like a little girls dream ;) #TT_Thursday

  4. I love handmedowns. It's so nice to see things being worn again! I love the black top too :-) x

  5. Fab outfits for the girls, like you I'm not a black clothing person too but that top really does suit E! Loving her jeans too. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  6. Hope you're feeling better now? Syd loves sequins too - I swear toddler girls are like Magpies.... "oooh shiny" haha #TT_Thursday


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