Days Out: Another Visit to Banham Zoo

This weekend saw our chunky little monkey turn 1. ONE!  Its an old cliche, but just where has that year gone? So to mark the occasion we took the girls out for the day, paying another visit to Banham Zoo. 

We have been before, back in September last year (Days Out: Banham Zoo), which E had loved and this time around, they both seemed to enjoy it just as much!

All the way there, E had said about how she wanted to see the birdies and penguins. And I mean ALL the way there. I jokingly said about how we'd be stuffed if the penguin enclosure was closed for any reason. Well, when we got there it wasn't closed but it had been relocated whilst a new enclosure is built and unfortunately for E there was only a few penguins out and about. Still, the new enclosure sounds fab and hopefully we'll be back again to see it.

We were a little disappointed to see the tropical house was closed due to a fire but its one of those things. In fact, we did notice a few enclosures were closed or empty. I guess that the zoo does any work during the colder months when it isn't quite as busy which is understandable.

This time around E was really take with a lot of the animals. She was very keen on the goats in the farm yard and was more than happy to be in there with them all and insisted on doing so twice. She stopped and said hello and goodbye to all the animals which was really sweet.

I didn't seem to take quite as many photos this time!

Whilst we were attempting a trip to the loos, we saw an elderly lady fall over. D tried to help her but didn't quite manage it so we had to get staff to help and I think in the end they had to call an ambulance for her. E was quite upset by it and kept saying 'poor lady' and got teary so we took them into the play area (which we had been avoiding in case of tantrums!).

T had her first go on the swings and loved it!  E wouldn't go on the swings but loved the roundabout and the wobbly bridge. I was surprised at how much she ran up and down it considering she had walked the whole time we were there without complaining or wanting to get in the buggy!

We had such a lovely day out, I'm so glad we decided to pay another visit. 

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  1. Awh sounds like our zoo does all the maintenance in the winter. Sounds like they had a nice day. Awh the poor woman it's nice that your little one was concerned And that you had something you could distract with. ☺

  2. Aw the poor old lady, I hope she was OK, the sort of thing that can upset a little one so you did just the right thing heading to the play area. your daughter sounds very confident in with the goats, we find here some are happy being in with them and others a little timid preferring to be the other side of the fence! Looks like a lovely sunny day and a great place to celebrate a first birthday! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.