Raised Hopes

For those of you that know me, you'll know that myself, D and our children live with D's parents. Whilst we are extremely lucky (and thankful) to be able to do so, living in someone else's home will always be just that - someone else's home. I am desperate for us to have our own home. A space we can call our own.  

Originally we had plans to convert an old barn next to D's parents home but after several years of planning and back and forth with the architect and Council it has proved impossible to get approval and so it was back to the drawing board.

Last week, we put an offer in on a house we went to look at the week before. I am trying SO hard not to get my hopes up but, needless to say, I am! Its everything we are looking for - a good size throughout with plenty of storage space, a large driveway, good location and a garden. There's even room for the girls to have a playroom! As we wait to see if our offer is accepted (bidding closes next week), I have already been busy dreaming away as to how we will put our mark on it.

One of the first things I noticed when I walked into the house was the decor. Whilst the walls are all neutral and the flooring is inoffensive (although some of it needs replacing as you can see!) its all feels a bit dull and bland to me. I like a mix of colour on the walls and pops of colour in the accessories. Accessories are particularly important in leaving your mark somewhere, I think, and can say so much about you. When we were looking around, the curtains and lighting really caught my eye. I think the nicest thing to say is they aren't my cup of tea.  I already have tons of pins saved over on my Pinterest boards but I'm also jotting down ideas and thinking about what we need to do. As well as painting and changing the carpets, amongst the plans I'm already mentally scribbling down, I have plans to replace the decorative lighting with something softer and more suited to our tastes. 

But, of course, all these plans may well be worthless. Sp, here's hoping we get the yes we're waiting for....

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