Review: Cow & Gate 'Friends' Savoury Vegetable Pouches

Cow & Gate's newest range of vegetable pouches, 'Friends' are designed to be part of the weaning journey. By introducing veggies at the start of weaning it encourages children to to learn to love veggies for life.

Babies will often favour fruit flavours rather than vegetables as they are much sweeter but the earlier and more frequently they are given vegetable flavours, the likelier it is that they will accept (and enjoy!) them. 

We were sent the starter park for T to test which included four single vegetable varieties - (Claire) carrot, (Chris) cauliflower, (Bella) broccoli and (Peter) pea. 

The pea and carrot pouches went down well and T seemed to enjoy them. The cauliflower and broccoli were harder for me to feed to her and she took some persuasion to eat more than a couple of mouthfuls at a time. The pea and carrot were sweeter tasting.  But, it must be said, that T is further along in her weaning journey than the started pack is intended for so I think that part of the problem was the texture and the fact that it was so smooth. These days she prefers her food to have some texture to it. I think having another flavour in there (eg chicken) would also have helped. 

That being said, I think vegetable pouches are a great idea as it is usually fruit that you find. If we were just starting the weaning journey I would definitely be using them. Because they are in pouches, they are resealable and can be popped in the fridge to be used within 24 hours. They are also free from salt, sugar, additives and preservatives and can be served cold or warm. 

Just to be clear: We were sent all of the items mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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