Regular readers may recall a previous post, 'Today was B-Day', talking about finding a lump and the scare that went with it. Its something that plays on my mind a lot, for me it was just a scare and that was worrying enough, but what about for those who face more than a scare? It must be terrifying to experience and not know what lies ahead.  So I'm pleased to tell you about SnapBreast and The Haven...

A country estate in Hampshire is opening its door to an extraordinary art exhibition featuring Snapbreast - a sculpture of more than a thousand pictures of breasts donated by the general public. In a twist on the infamous 'selfie', members of the public and celebrities have contributed (and still can) anonymous pictures of their breasts - dressed or undressed - as part of a national campaign in aid of The Haven.

The SnapBreast sculpture – which will be the centerpiece of the ‘British Art at Avington Park’ exhibition from the 20-22 March 2015 – will feature thumbnail sized photos donated by the general public specifically for the campaign led by the ARTSalon. Hundreds of images from both men and women, featuring just the chest area, have already been uploaded anonymously to support the initiative. Some are nude, some are dressed, there are glamorous pictures, ordinary pictures and there are many from individuals who have directly experienced breast cancer.

Anyone can upload a ‘breastie’ anonymously and securely by visiting the Snap Breast website where Sculptor Rose Eva will collate the images. Rose has based the concept of the five-foot SnapBreast torso on the fact that breast cancer is indiscriminate and follows no human value system. All shapes, sizes, gender and human personalities are affected and this is reflected in the wide cross section of images sent in by the general public who wish to be remembered as they are, without edit, just simply and honestly. The images will not be altered to make them more ’beautiful’ but they will be manipulated in actual size and possibly colour.

The teams at The Haven breast cancer support centres work alongside NHS partners to go beyond medical treatment, to help visitors and their families cope with the wider impact of breach cancer through one-to-one personalised, specialist care. The Haven, which uses professional therapists, provides completely free services, incorporating everything from nutritional and financial advice to counselling, exercise and complementary therapies. 

The latest breast cancer support centre will open this Autumn in Titchfield and will provide free care to people living in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight, as well as the Channel Islands. Profits from all art sales at the exhibition in March will go towards this project, which I am sure you will agree is more than a worthwhile cause. 

To find out more about SnapBreast visit To join in with the campaign on social media use the hashtag #SnapBreast. 

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