T Turns 1!

Just over a week ago, our little Chunky Monkey turned 1. ONE! Its such a cliche, I know, but where has that year gone?! 

Having T has been completely different to E. I have often said that I might have only had one child if T had been my first (half in jest!) as E was much more placid in those early months. 

But now that T is older, she is so much fun to have around and she's SO cheeky!

In the space of the last few days she suddenly seems to have changed so much.  She's been walking around the furniture for months and in the last few weeks has been taking a few steps between us. In the last week she has started taking some steps alone and this week she has properly started walking by herself - there's no stopping her!

Just so I don't forget anything, here's a little list of 'things':
  • Says Dada, Mama, Nana, Grandad, this, me, yes. 
  • Blows kisses.
  • Waves hello and goodbye.
  • Loves a cuddly toy. 
  • Goes to bed with Donkey and Ruby rabbit and cuddles up to them in the night. We wake up to her cuddling Donkey (or laying on top of him!). If we ask her where they are she will pick them up. If we say 'give Donkey a love' she will.
  • Will give me a kiss if I ask her for one, making a noise after she does it. She's also started to just kiss me without asking, with a huge grin on her face.
  • She loves to pull all the cushions off of the sofa, going around the room and getting them one by one, before throwing herself down on to them and laying there.
  • She's very interested in our cats. There have been numerous occasions that I have found her laying on top of one of them giving him a 'love'.
  • She adores E. She will follow her everywhere, especially now that she is toddling about. E will hold her hand as they walk from the living room to the kitchen, its really sweet.
  • Really enjoys her food. E tends to feed her the crusts from her sandwiches and toast and T is so pleased to have them!
  • This week she has worked out how to climb onto the sofa and the stool/pouffe that accompanies it. She's also worked out how to sit on the push along car and how to move it... as well as how to stand on it (YIKES!). 
  • Loves to play with the Mega Bloks with Mummy and E. 
  • Loves her Grandad. Will push past everyone else to get to him when they come home from work. 
Hope you had a wonderful birthday T. Love you, our chunky little monkey xx

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