What they wore #24

At the moment, it is mostly a battle to get E to wear any clothes, other than pants and a vest. For some reason, she's decided she much prefers to run around half starkers. We have lots of conversations about how she has to wear clothes for nursery and to go out but as soon as she's through the door she wants everything off! Whilst its nice to see her dressed nicely (and it helps with my "what they wore" posts!) there's no denying that it is saving me a ton of washing! So with no further ado, here's another outfit from T!  

Bar her socks, everything she's wearing was originally E's. The jeans are 6-9 months from Tesco and the stripey tee (which I LOVE) is from M & Co. I think this shade of green really suits T and the pink, actually. 

And just because I can, here's a photo of E in it originally, she was teething at the time, if you're wondering why she looks quite so grumpy! Can you see the red stork mark on her forehead? We used to call it her beacon as it would become much more noticeable just before she started to cry, when she was teething or just generally over-excited. Its no where near as noticeable now and I have to say I miss it. 

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  1. That colour is really lovely on both of them. I love the 'escaping the high chair' pic! x

  2. Top is lovely. I'm really liking stripes at the moment they look very cool

  3. Love the idea of saving on the washing by wearing no clothes. I do like her stripey top.

  4. Love the little top, very cute! #tt_thursday

  5. Lovely outfit, and I love the whole stripping off in the house issue and great to see big E wearing it before passing onto her sister. They both look alike. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday