Lies I've told my toddler

Some of those 'little white lies' that I've recently told E:-

Sorry, you can't watch Mr Tumble, he's gone to bed - I'm sorry Mr Tumble, I'm sure you're lovely but I just can't stand to watch another programme. 

So have the Bubble Guppies - I don't mind the Bubble Guppies but not one after another, after another. 

Peppa Pig is going to bed after this episode as well- Need I say more?

Mummy doesn't have any chocolate left - Apart from the bar in my bag. You aren't getting that. Nor the one in the cupboard.

That's sweets, not fruit and they're yummy - You will eat fruit. And like it. One day.... 

Mummy is going to bed too - Maybe. 

Mummy's iPad is broken, Daddy needs to fix it - No, I don't want to watch eggs being opened again. And I don't want to have to sit there 'fixing' it every time you press the wrong button when you play your games.

That's a special tomato sauce just for pizza - Its not tomato. Its vegetable and even though you tell me otherwise, you like it. You always eat it when I give it you.

You have to get dressed if you want to come shopping or they won't let us in and they'll tell Mummy off  - Yes, I know you don't like wearing anything other than pants and vest but you're wearing clothes to go out, end of. 

We're not going to have a nap, we're just going to have a cuddle - You might think you aren't tired but I know you are. And so am I, so its happening. 

No, you can't use my phone. Mummy's working - If working includes Twitter and reading the paper, sure!

Yes, I know I should be leading by example and telling the truth at all times but I don't think these are too bad! 

What lies have you told your toddler recently? 


  1. hahaha! That made me laugh out loud!
    I still lie to my girls and they are 7 & 12. lol

  2. hahahah
    sweet! I might try that on my husband! * wink wink*

  3. lol! This is awesome! I still lie to my 4 year old... shame on me! And I tell my OH there's not chocolate left in the house. Truth is I have hidden it! If I don't hide it he eats it all before I can get a look in! Perhaps I actually have 3 kids instead of two lol!

    Laura x x x

  4. Haha I'm glad it's not just me who uses the going to bed tactic. Everything and everyone goes to bed at 7pm in our house ;)

  5. Brilliant, mine is very quickly learning things though, darn monkey x