My Happy Place

I don't know what it is, but I love being at the seaside. When I was a child, my grandparents lived in Portsmouth and when I visited we would usually take a trip to Southsea or walk to Portchester Castle from their home.  

After the lovely walk we took last week with my niece and MiL, we thought we'd attempt to take the three of them to Hunstanton for the day.  

I must admit that as the day approached the appeal had started to wear thin, particularly with E repeatedly telling me we were going to the beach and I woke in the morning after a particularly bad night filled with 'meh' at the thought of going. 

It took us bloomin' ages to get everything ready as well which didn't help to that whole feeling of not wanting to go but it was well worth it in the end.  

The girls absolutely loved it. The eldest two were happy looking in the pools of water, digging through the sand and picking up treasures.

We let T walk for a bit but she kept trying to plonk herself down on the wet sand so we took her back up to the blanket with a bucket and she spent her time studying the stones and shells before putting them in the bucket. 

After spending a couple of hours on the beach we packed everything up and headed off for lunch which was.... ok. There wasn't much open and we ended up in a deserted pub which was in desperate need of some TLC. And a decent chef, rather than a microwave and frozen food!  There was also an interesting moment with a very worse for wear alcoholic man who fell over (nb, we discovered this from a conversation held in the bar!), I went to help him up and thought he was going to attack me.  But we didn't let that put too much of a dampner on things. 

After lunch, the girls asked if they could go on the train at the fair. They were the only ones on it, we popped them on and they did one lap before screaming to get off.  The man that was running it very kindly told us that as we had paid his wife rant the bouncy castle opposite and they could go in there. Once he had shown us where it was, he actually came back to tell us they could spend as long as they liked in there and T was also welcome to play in the ball pit which was really kind. 

Oh my. The girls absolutely loved it and it was the perfect (and easiest) way to completely wear them out. T didn't like the ball pit but E and my niece kept running and jumping in, doing a little circuit of the whole thing. As adults weren't allowed on, it was quite nice for us to be able to sit and watch them! After 45 minutes they were beginning to tire and slow down so we went for another walk along the beach before leaving.  The girls went back on the sand with Nanny and Grandad and I walked along the promenade for a while with T. 

Despite lunch and having three children with us, I actually came away feeling quite relaxed and refreshed. There's something about being beside the sea that clears my mind and helps to put things in perspective. I think its my happy place (or one of them), even if I often think about my childhood and the part it played, back when life was simpler and before people changed. 

Unfortunately this is the time of year it starts to get incredibly busy on the route from ours to Hunstanton, otherwise I think I would be making this a much more regular occurrence. I'm already thinking I might try to brave going up with the girls on my own in the next couple of weeks.... 

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  1. I'd say it was a success, I think you have to celebrate the bits that worked with young children and the beach definitely did. I wouldn't be put off going alone, just take a picnic and a rug on a sunny day and don't worry if you only spend an hour or so the first time, it will still be worth it. I love the treasured you collected there. Thank you for sharing your day with me on Country Kids.

  2. Love Hunstanton Beach it's beautiful.