Tips for healthy legs during your pregnancy

There is no doubt being mother is one of the most memorable moments for every women. She will be eagerly waiting to the new addition to her family. But, carrying around your little one for nine months adds a lot of strain to your body, which includes your back and legs. Recent research tells that today 80% of women experience muscle spasms and leg cramps, specially during the third trimester of their pregnancy as they can put on some extra weight. Here are some simple tips which ladies can follow to keep their legs healthy during their pregnancy.

Food chart: It is better to maintain a diet chart or have a plan on what to eat. Make sure you eat a healthy diet which consists of lots of proteins and fibres, as you are eating for two. It is better to eat lots of fresh fruits and boiled vegetables as this will help you to maintain good leg and vein circulation.

Gentle oil message: Whilst doctors suggest not to have vigorous leg rubs during pregnancy, you can still have a nice gentle massage with hot oil or a softening moisturiser which will help you to moisten your skin and also makes you legs feel fresh.

Regular simple exercises: To be fit and healthy one must always exercise. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to skip your exercises. In fact exercise will be a great way to prevent excess of weight gain during pregnancy. You can do simple yoga and take a walk in a park or a beach.

Rest is  mandatory: It is natural that you will get tired quickly when you are pregnant - your body is working twice as hard as before, as it’s not just you, but also the little one growing inside you. Hence you should make sure you take time to rest. Lie down or sit wherever you are comfortable with your legs elevated as this will proper blood circulation. You could read books on new born babies, or watch television or simply play online bingo games at GameVillage Bingo this is a unique bingo site with some amazing games in it. The landing page is like a treat to the eyes! You can also listen to some great mesmerising music on their own house bingo radio while you are playing bingo. 

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