Spring has sprung

It has been absolutely gorgeous here this week, somewhat surprising as its Easter half term and half terms normally guarantee rain!  

We've managed to get out for a walk each day this week and the photos I'm sharing with you are from Thursday when we took a walk down by the river and farmland near home. 

This river is about 5-10 minutes walk from our current home. 20 minutes if you have a toddler walking with you! This photo is taken on the bridge. I don't know how far it stretches but its as far as the eye can see.  We once walked, pre-children, a good length of this in the winter and it was just as beautiful with animal tracks everywhere. Surrounded by fields, we even saw a large herd of deer and I remember feeling amazed to see them, it was the first time I had seen stags.

Crossing over the bridge leads to some tracks on to a field and this road which leads on to farmland. 

Last time we walked down here, there was a large group of herons circling these trees. My MiL was with me and we watched and listened and could see them nesting in the trees. We both agreed that there was something quiet eerie about it. This was actually the reason I took my camera with me for the walk, just in case we spotted them again! We did spot them but good grief were they difficult to capture. 

E and her cousin (K) were hunting for treasures along the way - stones, shells, twigs and leaves. This meant a lot of stopping and starting and being able to properly take in our surroundings. Its surprising what you spot on a route you've walked many times before. 

There's hundreds of mussel shells scattered along the road. 

We didn't spot any deer but there were plenty of hares enjoying the sunshine. Actually, we were very lucky with wildlife - we spotted pheasants, partridges, herons, lots of birds, hares , huge bumble bees and butterflies. 

T was very good and seemed to enjoy taking in the surroundings. Whilst she was awake, that is! 

E and K were both in their wellies and we were encouraging them to jump in the puddles. K was very enthusiastic but E was having none of it! 

This road leads to a large barn and farmyard. I always think to myself I would love to be able to see what it was like in the past down in this village. There are so few houses here and I know two of them were farms (one up until the last few years). I wonder how busy it was, how many animals were actually on the land. These days they occasionally have some sheep down here but I guess they have several fields they use for them and move between them.

I can imagine it being rather desolate back then. This old shepherd's hut remains further down the track, tucked in the trees.

This was as far as we walked but the road ends and changes into tracks which lead in a couple of different directions, one of which leads a further half mile or so to a second river and its possible to walk along to the next village. Its a bit bumpy though and not particularly pushchair friendly! 

Considering we only popped out to get some fresh air and let the girls have a little walk, we ended up out for 2 hours. Needless to say the girls were more than ready for their lunch and naps! 

I think Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of the year. Warm with a gentle breeze, bright and sunny and, of course the longer days and lighter evenings. I'm looking forward to being able to get out more with the girls and make the most of our gorgeous surroundings. 

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  1. What a lovely trip! The weather is really nice and yes I can feel spring. We are going to have a woodland walk too today and hopefully it will be as fun as yours =) #countrykids

  2. A beautiful spring walk and farm land certainly brings plenty of wildlife with it, I can vouch for that. I must say I am less excited to see a heron here as it means all my carp in the lakes are in danger! Though we have a plastic one to scare them away. A lovely walk, I can see why you like it, so peaceful. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.