Too young to be walking?

This weekend we took T to Clarks to get her feet measured and to try and get her some new shoes since her lovely Bobux ones no longer fit and the ones that she is currently wearing (in the photo) are only cruisers. 

And try is the right word to use. Firstly, T didn't want to get her feet measured. She wanted to walk and try to run around the shop looking at everything. She was seriously unimpressed at being sat on my lap, so much so that she had a full blown tantrum with feet kicking, shrieking and back arched. The assistant attempted to placate her with Peppa Pig on the tablet with no luck. We tried giving her (a little!) chocolate with no luck. In the end, I had her on my lap with Daddy holding her leg and foot still.  

After all that, they brought out two pairs of shoes, pre-walkers and first walking shoes. The walking shoes were too big with her feet slipping out of them and the assistant told us there was no point in buying the cruisers as they were the same as what she was already wearing and we would be in no better a position with them (I really appreciated that, rather than her just trying to flog us another pair for the sake of it!). Apparently we need to wait for her feet to grow a bit as her feet are too small for walking shoes and she's really too small to be walking! Would someone mind telling T for me?

What age did your little one start walking? Do you think 1 is too young?


  1. I think if she wants to walk let her out for a bit (till you can manage) and slowly build up. We now take my DS2 when with husband out round places that are open and free to run round without the stress of running after DS2 breaking or bumping into everything. Best also to invest in reins as well as I found them helpful, though for me I prefer the one that links up on both wrists then the backpack type. Good luck X

  2. Ah bless her! I'm in the same boat as my little one! She is now one (just!) and has been walking since 10 months! She looked crazily small to be toddling around! Still haven't got her outdoor shoes yet though!