What they wore #29

Good old nursery. We've barely been back any time at all and the house is full of coughs and colds. The girls are full of runny noses and sneezing meaning I've not been able to get any good-ish photos for the last couple of weeks. 

So this week, I thought I'd share some of our some of our recent buys for E's summer wardrobe. Y'know, incase she's decided by then that she'll start wearing clothes again. 

These three dresses were all from Primark and were the bargain price of £2.50. £2.50! Isn't that crazy? Whether she wears them around the house or for nursery it doesn't matter - at that price I don't care what happens with them!  

This one was from Mark and Spencer. My husband chose it but I love it. Its soft and floaty with some simple embroidery along the neckline. It should be fairly cool for her on those really hot summer days. I can't wait to see her wearing it. 

Last year we had some light cotton trousers from Next which E wore a lot so when she spotted these in Sainsburys, my MiL grabbed them for me:

I'm loving all of these prints (the tropical print is available on a number of different items, including a thin jacket from memory) and they were (as always!) reasonably priced and I know they'll wash well. Because of the patterns I'm going to team them up with some plain - but bright - vest tops which should pair well. 

I haven't tried them on her yet but I know these will all be ideal for her with the stretchy waistbands and the elasticated cuffed ankles. It isn't that often I find a pair of trousers with the elasticated cuffs (that I like!) but I try to keep an eye out for them as E is a little short in the leg and it stops her from tripping over if a pair of trousers is slightly too long.

There's also a pair here for T, although to be honest she's already got a pretty good wardrobe ready for summer!   

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  1. Gorgeous buys! My daughter had some soft trousers from Next last year that she loved too, so I've got her some more for this summer. I especially like the M&S dress, although I find M&S clothes tend to come up a bit too wide on my daughter!
    Popping over from Medicated Follower.