The Big Move : Things I'm looking forward to

  • Not having to run up and down two flights of stairs with any/everything to get to our bedrooms. Especially not T! The stairs at my inlaws are too steep to let her climb them when she's still so unsteady. 
  • A decent mobile phone signal. At the moment, if I get a phone call it doesn't ring and I get a notification a couple of hours later. Oh, and a decent broadband connection! 
  • Being able to leave the dishes if I'm not in a rush to wash up.  
  • Being able to open the front door and walk into town. I'm seriously looking forward to this one as we currently have to get in the car to go anywhere.
  • Being able to just pop out to the shops if we need something.
  • The walk to nursery. 2 miles, twice a day. Yes, I'm sure the novelty will wear off on this one, especially if its peeing it down or -2, but it'll do me and the girls good to be walking more and getting some fresh air. 
  • Meal planning. Because we all like different things, D and in-laws are often not home til after 7 and then I'm doing bedtimes, our meals are often unplanned and quite late. Its not uncommon for us to eat after 8, which isn't great. So I'm looking forward to getting into the routine of sitting down and deciding what to cook for the week so that we are more organised. Hopefully, this will help us to keep reign of our food budget too.  
  • Being able to leave things where I want them without worrying about them being cleared up for me.
  • Decorating. I'm so excited to finally have my own our own space to decorate just as we want. 
  • Gardening. I've never had the chance to do much gardening. Whilst I'm not desperate to have a pristine looking garden completely planted with pruning and weeding done daily, I do want it to look nice. The borders planted with a few plant pots scattered around.
  • A playroom for the girls. Somewhere to store their toys and a space for them to call their own. 
I'm sure there's plenty more that I could add to the list!

The girl's bedroom

All that being said, I will miss living here. I'll miss my MiL's help with the girls and her cooking. Her buying me a bar of chocolate when I'm feeling ill and our general chit chats/taking the mickey out of the men (without them hearing, obv!), amongst other things. And not only that but its where we brought our children home. There's lots of happy baby memories. But now's the time to move and create lots of new, happy memories. 


  1. Sounds like you've got a lot to look forward to! Good luck with the move :)