Wicked Wednesday: 6th May 2015

Ever been to Frankie &; Benny's with your kids? Did you know that they can get their own little mocktail from the Children's Menu? We didn't know until our last visit and chose one for E to try. She point blank refused to try it but, needless to say, someone else was more than keen....

It was quite sharp and full of ice so she would take a couple of sips and then shake her head, before coming back for more!

I think we got a couple of disapproving looks for letting her drink it (for the record, she was only getting a teeny amount each time) but pfffttt, who cares? They have to try different flavours, textures and temperatures so let them tut away! 

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  1. aww! I remember when we gave our son some lemon, he loved it & wouldn't stop sucking at it hehe!

  2. OMG, look at that adorable face! Too cute!

  3. SO CUTE! They always do that come back for more. My boy used to do the same! Thanks so much for linking up and I hope to see you again on this weeks #wickedwednesdays x