Dreaming of Home Improvements

Even though we've not long been moved in and have a ton of things we need/want to do, I can't help but think about further changes we could make if we were able to make it possible. 

We have two big jobs that we want to get done, one of which is the windows. They are rather old and tatty looking with white window frames and brown surrounds and window sills. We would also like to convert one of the garages (we have two) into a new kitchen/diner as the kitchen we have now is really rather small – not to mention interestingly decorated with beige kitchen units, grey wall tiles (all over) and a purple oven (not my cup of tea!).

(Part of the kitchen. We have the length of the oven and sink opposite in work top space)

We also need to do some work to the garden. It has become rather wild and overgrown with the property being empty for some time but we also need to make if safe for the girls as it is split level with steps from the patio leading down to the grass area. The patio has a sheer drop and needs a wall or fence to stop them from falling.

Something else I quite like the idea of (much further down the line!) is converting the attic into another bedroom or space for the girls when they are older. This would require a new stair case and roof windows and a lot of hard work - I'm getting way ahead of myself when I start to think of all the decorative items (but I just can't help myself!) - wallpaper, roofblinds, furniture.... the list goes on.   

But, as I say, this is all a long way off and so for now, I'll focus on the slightly smaller (and less expensive!) jobs that need doing! 

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