Our week : 15th - 21st June

Hello! Here's my round up of last week:

Monday : We started the week off well with walking for the nursery drop off and pick up - a total of 4 miles! (Our buggy board is so very useful for this!) The good start was somewhat tainted by a sign up in nursery saying that several kids in E's class were off with chicken pox... lovely!  Needless to say I got home and read up on it and I've spent the rest of the week checking for spots on them both.

T had a very long nap in the morning, meaning she didn't nap in the afternoon. Neither did E and yet they were both in surprisingly good moods! I know a lot of children are ready to drop their naps at E's age but she really does still need hers, I usually notice a huge difference if she doesn't have one! 

Tuesday : T and I had coffee at Greggs with A and her little girl. I refrained from cake but T made the most of a gingerbread man and juice - she was so well behaved! 

Wednesday : A super busy day at work. It was so hot and muggy though and I felt really drained by the time I finished. D was out for the evening so I was flying solo for the first time in the new house. I was expecting the girls to be extremely grumpy when I collected them from my in-laws but, despite no naps, they were both OK and the evening was surprisingly easy!  I even got to sit and eat my dinner in peace!

Thursday : My in-laws brought my niece over with them to play with the girls and have lunch. The girls were all a bit restless and not really playing with each other. That said, they insisted on eating lunch in the conservatory (which currently has no furniture in it!) and all scoffed sandwiches, crisps and cake!  E was very sweet and picked up a wet wipe and went round cleaning the chocolate off their hands and faces. She was, however, completely heartbroken when they tried to leave without her so she went to theirs for the afternoon. 

It felt a little strange just having T at home in the afternoon but I must say, it was quite nice as she had a long nap, meaning I had some free time. I'm rather disappointed in myself when I say that I spent it cleaning windows rather than something interesting but, y'know, I'm trying to be domesticated! We also went for a wonder into town and A dropped me a text and popped round for a coffee with her two children. 

E wasn't home til quite late in the evening and I spent the rest of the night on guard as her cousin had a sickness and diarrhoea bug in the afternoon so I was worried E would also get it. Touch wood, nothing so far.

Friday : E was very pleased as we had arranged to walk into nursery with one of her friends who lives a couple of roads down from us.  It made a nice change and I suspect we might do it again.  

We popped to Aldi to do the food shop and then headed to my in-laws for dinner. E wasn't herself all day, I'm not quite sure what was up but one minute she was happy, the next minute whinging and having a melt down. I was convinced she was coming down with something but she was fine on the Saturday. 

I think we're on to our third (or is it fourth?) week at the house and I feel like I'm finally getting there with routines and running a house. The girls are spending a lot of time in their playroom and the TV is hardly on now. I often check on them and they are sat reading, which is lovely to see. 

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  1. Lovely week. I usually spent quiet time either cleaning or blogging, I need to learn how to relax! Your girls are very cute! Have a lovely week,
    Becky xx