Our Week : 22nd - 28th June

Good Morning! Isn't it lovely starting the day with the sun shining brightly rather than being enveloped in grey? That said, I'm not enjoying the heat that's coming with it so this week with the predicted high temperatures should be interesting!  

Taking a look back at some of our week:

Monday : I was like a zombie all day. T was full of cold and woke several times during the night and if she wasn't waking me, it was E, who was talking in her sleep!  So after we did the nursery run, T had a long nap and I didn't do much at all. It was a different story in the afternoon as I had a burst of energy. I walked to collect E and got cleaning and sorting through some of T's clothes whilst they napped. 

Wednesday : Work!

Tuesday : Coffee date with my friend at Costa followed by a quick mooch around the shops before collecting E.  

Thursday : We went out for a walk in the morning before going to see Nanny and their cousin for lunch. Nanny and the three girls ate lunch in the tent, in the living room - I wish I'd had a camera with me! Lots of cleaning and sorting for me again in the afternoon. 

Friday : I should apologise to anyone that follows me on Twitter, because on Friday I wasn't in the best of moods after another bad night with T and Scottish Power didn't help!

We currently have pre-payment meters for the gas and electric at the house and they've been a pain since before we even moved in - just getting the key/cards took several visits to different locations. The gas card took several attempts, with an engineer having to come to the house to reset the meter. Anyway, we spoke to them about changing them over to a normal meter and booked for them to come out, 2 engineers before 12 noon.... you can see where I'm going with this. One didn't turn up and the other turned up late. No one called to cancel or update us and I had to wait in all day so I was really quite cross at wasting my time.  Now, we've had to book another slot for in a further two weeks so I hope they don't mess us about again!  

Saturday : Another walk, we popped into town to grab a few things and spotted a sausage dog being walked. D and I have been talking about getting one for some time so we had a chat with them and they let us hold him. Needless to say, we've been talking some more! Still no definite decision made but lots of research being done.  E has already said if we have a dog she wants to call it Mango!  

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