Our Week : 8th - 14th June

Its been a while but I thought I'd link up with Hannah for The Week That Was Captured.  

We started off Monday with a walk to nursery. Timing on the nursery run is a bit hit and miss as it depends on whether E wants to walk or use the buggy board! Monday was buggy board all the way and so T and I were home from the nursery run by 9.10 with 2 and a bit miles under our belt. I pottered around until it was time to collect E and T had a very early nap.

D went back to the in-laws to collect more furniture which we moved into the garage and whilst the girls napped in the afternoon, I moved the furniture around in the playroom. 

Tuesday was nice! After dropping E off at nursery, one of the Mums (A) popped round for a cup of tea in the morning. She has a 4 month old little girl who has reflux, like T did and so we compared notes.  In the afternoon, the girls and I went to Sainsburys and had lunch whilst D popped into work. 

I worked on Wednesday which was rather nice as although I was busy, it was lovely and quiet! D and I now share an office which is fine but I do miss having my little office to myself!  
E and I had the hairdressers on Thursday. It was a warm day so E dressed for the occasion ;) I don't know when we'll next get a cut as my lovely hairdresser is going on maternity leave! 

Other than walking another nursery run, Friday was quite quiet, pottering at home, as was Saturday. 

Sunday was busier! We sold our jumperoo so the lady came to collect it and then we went to town to pick up a few bits. We then went to my in-laws for dinner. The girls played with Nanny and Grandad whilst Daddy cleaned out the animals. We made the most of being there with the girls having a bath (we don't have a bath - yet - at the new house!). Dinner was scrummy - roast pork followed by rice pudding and chocolate and peanut butter brownies. 

E seems to have settled down now following the move, she seems much happier and we're going through a tantrum-free phase. I call it a phase as I'm sure it won't last so we'll enjoy and make the most of it whilst we can. T is T, as happy and mischievous as ever!  

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  1. With the jumperoo out of the way I bet you have freed up quite a bit more room......to fill with more toys! I love the photo of your little one in the box. What is it with boxes and children?!?!?! #TWTWC

  2. Aw what beautiful piccies, sounds like you've had a really lovely week X #TWTWC

  3. Aww a lovely week! The house looks fab! B is still settling in after our move - takes them a while!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx

    1. Thanks! Lots to do but its liveable :) Hope B settles soon x