We've moved

Its a bit of a rambling post from me tonight but we're in our new house and I thought I'd share an update! We moved last Saturday and since then its been a constant cycle of cleaning and unpacking.  

There's a lot to be done to get the house as we want it. We're talking artex ceilings, dated light fittings that seem to have been purchased in bulk (and floor tiles, whilst I think about it) and grubby, dated curtains. But it's liveable and it's ours. Hooray! 

As moving house goes, it has been relatively straight forward. We have furniture unpacked and a few boxes but after a few days of hard slog, I seem to have slowed down a little. Still, there's plenty of time to get things settled and sorted which is a good job as there's still plenty to bring over from my in-laws! 

Talking of settled, T doesn't seem to be too fazed by it all. E, on the other hand, has found it harder. She's really missing her Nanny and for the first couple of days kept asking to go home and where Nanny was. We've had a lot of tantrums and poor old T has had to contend with a very grumpy sister. That said, this week has seen her return to nursery after half term and I think getting back into a routine is helping. We  popped over a couple of days ago and she got very excited saying "We're home" but when she realised we were going home she got very upset and didn't want to leave. It's been heartbreaking to see her so upset. 

We've managed one walk to nursery so far. Its 1 mile from our house to the nursery so that's a 2 mile journey, twice a day. E did very well with the walk although she did ask to get in the pushchair as we approached and slept very well at naptime in the afternoon! I may well be a fair-weather walker though as we've had a bit of rain which put me off but I'm sure I'll get there once things slow down a bit. I've certainly been packing in the steps according to my fitbit, which I'll share with you soon.

Something else I'm having to get used to is cooking. Living with my in-laws, I was very lucky that I didn't have to cook very often. I've never been a big fan but now we have our own place I have to. So far, so good. Well, that was once the oven and microwave were sorted out. We're currently on a pay as you go cards for the electric and gas and had huge problems sorting out the gas card so we were unable to use the cooker (mind you, it did need a deep clean!) and the microwave we purchased brand new, opened it up and it didn't work so that left us having to get takeaway for 2 nights in a row. Not ideal but it got us out of trouble. I'm trying to be organised and meal plan and so far, so good.

So all in all, we're in and doing well. Here's hoping E settles in soon.

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