A toddler and her Donkey

When E was born, she was given a Jellycat cuddly toy. A goat, to be precise. Whilst she occasionally played with it, she was never overly bothered by having it.  

We brought Donkey (another Jellycat toy) before T was even born and to begin with, she was the same until I gave it to her one night when she was unsettled. Slowly but surely she's become rather attached to him and she wants to carry him with her, everywhere. 

If she isn't dragging him around with her, she will have him near her and if she doesn't know where he is, we all know about it as she walks around shouting "Donkey" at the top of her voice. 

However much she loves Donkey though, I am a mean Mummy. I don't usually let her take him out of the house. Whilst I think he would be reasonably easy to replace, I'm worried she'll lose him and then all hell would break loose! Instead, we have a special cuddly that she keeps in the car just for going out. How long I'll be able to get away with this, I don't know.

I must say, I'm really quite pleased she has a favourite toy. I had a teddy bear that I used to take everywhere with me. I can't remember from what age but I still have him today - and he makes a good prop for photographing my handmade cushions:

Do your kids have a favourite toy? What steps do you take to stop them from losing it - I'd love to know!

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