SlimFastChallenge : Another approach to weightloss

I often feel a quite weary writing about trying to lose weight, mainly because I don't like everyone to know in case - as often happens - I fail. For whatever reason, I just don't (can't?) stick to anything. I start off motivated and then fall by the wayside.  I know that some people don't understand how you can gain so much weight, nor do they understand why you can't lose it, even if you want to. Nor do I. I wish I did! 

I struggle with time and deciding what I want to eat, often just grabbing whatever is nearest, which isn't ideal. I had been toying with the idea of a meal replacement plan but hadn't looked into it in much detail so it seemed the perfect opportunity to take part in the #SlimFastChallenge.  

The #SlimFastChallenge is a 14 day trial and Slim.Fast kindly provide the products you need for the 3.2.1 Plan. I'm swapping breakfast and lunch for Shakes and Meal Bars and eating a 600 calorie meal for dinner. I can also have three snacks each day which can either by Slim.Fast snacks, fruit or veg.  

Yesterday was my first day on the plan and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how I got on. Here's what I ate:

Breakfast - Vanilla Shake
Lunch - Chocolate Peanut Meal Replacement Bar 
Dinner - Fish, rice with vegetables, kale

Snacksmixed veg (I always keep a bag of frozen for emergencies. This weighed out to 40 cals), BBQ flavour tortillas, strawberries 
Drinks - 2 coffees, 1 tea, 3 x 750ml water 

I tried to stretch out when I had each item to account for when my usual hungry spells are and I think, combined with the amount of fluid I had, that helped (although I couldn't stop peeing all day!). I didn't want to snack and I honestly didn't have a 'I'm soooo hungry' moment at all. Not only that - it was nice not having to think too much about what I was having during the day!

I must admit, I was a little worried at the thought of the shakes. I remember trying them many, many years ago and not liking them but I was pleasantly surprised with the vanilla - all of my shakes are this flavour so I hope I'm still enjoying them by the end! I added a ton of ice and had it when I was back from the nursery run. The Meal Replacement Bar was very nice too - again, I was pleasantly surprised! 

So all in all, I'm feeling pretty motivated and looking forward to seeing how I get on. Obviously, I'm hoping to lose a few pounds but I'm also hoping it helps me retrain myself into having smaller portions and less picking. Finger's crossed that something will click in me this time and help me to keep anything I lose off. I shall keep you updated .... 

A BIG thank you to Slim.Fast for kindly sending me everything I need to complete the challenge! 

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