#SlimFastChallenge : Week 1 Update

As I wrote earlier in the week, on Monday I started the two week #SlimFastChallenge. I thought it would be useful to recap and share how I'm getting on. 

All in all, I'm really pleased and (very!) pleasantly surprised with how the first week has gone. There have been times I've felt a bit hungry but as with any diet, I think that planning is key - making sure I have a shake in the fridge (or milk to mix one), fruit and veg in the house.  

Breakfast - Vanilla Shake
Lunch - Chocolate Peanut Meal Replacement Bar 
Dinner - Fish, rice with vegetables, kale
Snacks - mixed veg (I always keep a bag of frozen for emergencies. This weighed out to 40 cals), BBQ flavour tortillas, strawberries 
Drinks - 2 coffees, 1 tea, 3 x 750ml water 

Breakfast - Vanilla Shake
Lunch - Chocolate Crunch Meal Replacement Bar
Dinner - Vegetable Stirfry
Snacks - mixed veg, peach, banana

Breakfast - vanilla shake
Lunch - Tuna sandwich
Dinner -  Falafel and bean salad with spiced yogurt dressing 
Snacks - banana, strawberries, peach, Cream and chive pretzels 

This was my day in the office. As you can see, whilst I was prepared in taking lots of fruit with me, I completely forgot to pick up a shake or meal replacement bar. I did plan on having a shake for my evening meal instead but putting the girls to bed took a lot longer than usual and I didn't thank I'd manage on that alone.

Breakfast - Cafe Latte shake
Lunch - chocolate peanut meal replacement bar
Dinner - chilli chicken & prawns with rice
Snacks - baby sweetcorn, peach and strawberries

Thursday wasn't a good day. I had a lousy night's sleep and seemed to have woken up in a foul mood. That wasn't helped by T having the biggest tantrum ever when I took her out of the bath. We did manage to get out for a walk in the morning which helped a little. 

Not only did I resist the cake D brought me but I also resisted the large cookies too! How I managed that after the day from hell, I honestly don't know!

Breakfast - Mocha Shake
Lunch - Summer Berry Meal Replacement Bar 
Dinner - Chicken, potatoes and mixed veg
Snacks - banana, apple (stewed with water, a teaspoon of canderel and lots of cinnamon), BBQ tortillas

At the end of the first week, I am showing a loss which I'm obviously really pleased with but I'll refrain from sharing what that loss is until the end of the challenge!

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