What they wore #33

Its been a busy few weeks here. I'm not entirely sure why but a contributing factor was me racing to try and finish my coursework. It took me a lot longer than anticipated with moving but its finally done and I gained a distinction so it was well worth it. 

This little outfit sees T all in pink - thinking about it, I'm not sure I dress her in that much pink but it definitely suits her.  Everything is from Next and was previously E's. The ditsy floral print is easily one of my favourite ever prints, I wish I'd brought a few more things in it. You'll have to excuse all the dribble, as you might guess from the pictures we're in teething territory!  

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  1. Heh what a cheeky little chop! :) That flower print really is very cute, love it! We have something quite similar and I wish I could get more prints like that. Btw, congratulations on your distinction, that is wonderful, require a lot of hard work! #TT_Thursday

  2. Arwww, such a sweety. Hope teething isn't causing too much trouble for you all. Thank you for sharing, Leah has some rather similar trousers also from Next at the moment. I love cotton trousers on her at the moment as they are cool and protect from the sun. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  3. Sooo cute!! LOVE T's trousers especially! Hope the Teething hell is over very soon xx #TT_thursday