How to Design Your Daughter A Beautiful Girly Bedroom

Once your daughter gets to a certain age - probably around age three or four, she will begin to outgrow her nursery. You might have spent a lot of time and money creating your little one a beautiful nursery. However, now that she’s growing up, she needs a space that is more suitable for her age.

If your daughter has started asking for her bedroom to be changed or she’s completely outgrown it, it’s time to redecorate. While your daughter might be old enough to say that she wants a new room, she’s not old enough to decide on the design.

When it comes to choosing the perfect design and style for her room, what you need to do is think about her personality. If your daughter loves all things girly, then a girly room is definitely the right choice.

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To help you design your daughter a beautiful girly room that she will love, here are a few useful tips:

Think about the theme

The first thing that you need to consider is the theme of the room. Most girly bedrooms are themed around princesses or fairies or a television character, like Barbie.

If, for example, your child is a real fan of fairies, you could opt to design her a fairy inspired bedroom. For this, you could use glitter paint, lots of sparkly netting, and, of course, fairy lighting. You could also consider getting her some accessories for her room from The Irish Fairy Door Company, like a cute fairy door and pieces of wall art.

Choose the colour scheme

Once you have chosen the theme, the next step is to think about the colour scheme for the room. When it comes to choosing the colour scheme, the key is to think about what colours your daughter likes.

Think about her favourite clothes and toys and ask yourself what colour they are. What colour lollipop does your daughter always choose? What colour plate does she eat off of? Think about all of these things and work out what your daughter’s favourite colours are, and use them for the colour scheme.

Don’t choose coloured furniture

When it comes to creating your daughter a beautiful bedroom, you don’t want to make the mistake of opting for coloured furniture. Firstly, this is because most coloured furniture is made of plastic and so breaks easily. Secondly, you want the furniture that you buy her to last for at least a few years, and if it’s a certain colour, it won’t. Coloured furniture can get boring quickly, and your child will grow out of it, as well.

When it comes to choosing furniture for your daughter’s room, opt for pieces that wooden, as they last longer. Plus, they are more versatile as they can be painted in a different colours. So if your daughter outgrows her room, she can still use them.

Designing your daughter a beautiful bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult, just as long as you know what type of thing your little ones wants.

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