Our Week : 23rd August - 30th August

A quick look at our week:
  • We had a birthday party to attend which was held at a farm near Ely, packed with plenty of things for the kids to do (trampolines, soft play, bouncy castles, crazy golf, panning for gold, petting animals and more!). Needless to say, the girls loved it, especially T! As its often just myself and the girls that pop out and about, I usually keep T in the pushchair, to make my life a bit easier so she loves it when she's let loose. 
  • This week saw E turn 3! My Mum came down on the Sunday, when we had family round for a little party tea which E loved - I completely forgot to take any photos!  
  • We took a trip to the zoo, despite the outlook being wet (very wet!).  Some of us remembered to take waterproofs, and others got wet - namely my Mum, who had to buy a rather fetching plastic poncho to wear. It was OK to start with and then got heavier and heavier before we had to admit defeat. Luckily, we had seen almost everything. The rain didn't stop us having a nice time and I must admit that it was quite nice without so many crowds of people around! Whilst some of the animals shut themselves away (and who could blame them!) we saw all the big cats and the penguins, which we couldn't see last time as the enclosure was being redesigned/rebuilt.
  • This was the first birthday that E has understood. She woke us at 6.30, calling for me whilst being stood by the side of her bed with a big grin on her face, which was rather sweet.  She was very excited to open her presents, properly ripping into them. She went from one to another, stopping to have a really good look at some of them, before moving onto the next. We spent the morning at home, playing with her toys, before taking her to Prezzos for lunch. She was very lucky with presents - dressing up outfits, books, t-shirts, a Happyland set, playmobil, a dolly and pram and lots of other bits and pieces.
  • This week was also time for new shoes. E's have seen better days and T still didn't have a proper pair as each time we took her, they told us she hadn't grown very much and to keep using the canvas pair we had, which wasn't ideal. Finally she has a pair (the grey pair) and she really loves them! She looked so pleased with herself the first time she wore them!  

After a busy few days, the rest of our week has been fairly quiet, which was lovely. E starts back at nursery this week, for longer days as opposed to mornings so I'm planning to keep the next few days low key too.

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  1. It looks like such a fun week! Such lovely pictures. The new shoes are gorgeous! Thank you for linking up with #TWTWC x