Thursday, 13 August 2015

Things my toddler says....

... some of them she just shouldn't (well, maybe the once, just so I can laugh at it), others make me laugh out loud and others just make my heart melt:

C'mon mate, put your foot on it - in the car, repeating after me.  

Shit - yes, another repeating Mummy in the car incident. Needless to say, there's been a number of these and I'm desperately trying not to be quite so vocal in the car.

Grandad. Grandad. Grandad. GRANDAD. (top of her voice) can you make the tea Grandad - repeating Nanny.

I'm going to play hide and seek Mummy, under your boobies - I still don't know how this one was going to work, I mean they're big but not hide-and-seek-big.... 

T, stop being a ratbag - Yes, T gets called this when she's having a tantrum. 

That's riddicculous Nanny - Whilst I was at work, E was helping Nanny sort the washing. Some of it was to go on the line to dry and some was to go in the tumble dryer, 'that's riddiculous Nanny' was her response. 

I missed you Mummy - after I'd gone out of the room.

Why are you wearing a nappy Mummy - Sigh. The joys of having an audience when you go to the toilet. I thought the whole period talk might come a little later than the age of 2. Thankfully a brief talk was all that was required before she ran off. 

Mummy, T's being naughty -  giving me a taste of what's to come, I guess. 

Mummy, I don't want T anymore - after T had bitten her!  

Mummy I need a cuddle - I think this is my all time fave. 

I want to see the He-cocks - also known as peacocks, a house where my in-laws lives has quite a few that can usually be seen by the roadside and when she see them she says 'Awww, they're so cute".

Get up and make me my dinner Daddy - It did make me smile but Daddy did have to speak to her about how to ask for things nicely!

Night Night sugar plum bum - often repeated after I've said it to her!

I definitely need to start watching what I say infront of her, and T, for that matter. And I'm now dreading the days of awkward questions!  What's the funniest thing your toddler has said? 

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