Why I'm Looking For More Innovative Storage Solutions In The Kids Bedroom

When it comes to keeping the house neat and tidy, I find that having kids really does keep you on your toes. There is never a moment with nothing to do. While some children are naturally very good and keen to help you tidy, there are still lots of toys that need to be picked up and stored away properly.

E is getting older, so it’s time to think about rearranging the kids rooms. With two small children on the go all the time, it’s easy to lose sight of the floor for all the toys that they play with. I love that they are so keen to use all the things we have bought for them. But it’s hard work to get the place tidy and hazard free again! 

I’m thinking about how I can increase the accessible storage solutions for E’s room. I know lots of kids who drop their toys and run onto the next thing. I don’t want E to get into that habit. Instead, I’ve been looking at fun drawers and cupboards that will encourage the children to put things back where they belong.

Now E is bigger and more assured of her body movements, I’m thinking of getting a bed that is fun. I’ve been looking at childrens cabin beds for ideas that will make bedtime more interesting. I’m also hoping to find those elusive storage solutions to help her keep everything in its place. Some of the mid-level ones have cute little ladders for her to climb into bed. I know she’ll love it.

I’m looking for a bed that has lots of drawers and cupboards underneath to put all her toys into. Space is precious in our house with two adults and two kids. Anything that can be integrated into the space the bed occupies will be very helpful! Some even have a second bed underneath. This is great for guests staying over in the future.

I’ve seen some little plastic drawer sets on caster wheels. They seem like a good idea. You can see what’s in them, or even label them. Then they can be pulled out and put back as you need.

I love those cute cabin beds that are designed to look like tree houses, or camper vans, or even space ships. It gives the whole room a cute feel, and it’s so much fun for the kids. Bedtimes aren’t horrific in my household. But for the mums that suffer from their kids not wanting to go to bed, I think something like this could easily turn the tables. They might never want to leave their bedrooms again!

I would like electrical items, like the clock, monitor and lamps up on a high shelf. That way I think they are less likely to be interfered with and broken. The cables worry me, but there are cable tidies out there to protect them. Alternatively, a second high-level electrical point could be installed. It’s something I need to think about a bit more I suppose.

Honestly, I really love having our own home. It means we can all design the rooms around our needs. It’s nice to have the extra grown-ups around when you’re sharing a house, but right now, I’m happy to be able to create the perfect kids room myself.

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