5 Great Family Activities To Do Before Winter Sets In

As I've been doing the nursery run this week, I've noticed that the seasons are definitely changing. The air is cooler and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn orange and brown. I love this time of year and how colourful everything is. But with the change in season, playtime outside will soon be limited as the weather gets colder and no doubt wetter. Having said that, there's still plenty of activities for us to do as a family. In this post, I'm sharing 5 things to do before Winter sets in: 

1 - Collecting Leaves
With little ones, this time of year is full of wonderment. The colours around them are so vibrant. Take your nippers to the park and send them to hunt down three red leaves or two yellow leaves. It’s great to boost their counting skills and reinforce their colours. Bigger kids can make stick on pictures or leaf rubbings. Then the whole family can create a tree picture from their finds. Great fun for everyone.

2 - Theme Parks
The Autumn half term is usually the last week of full time opening hours for the theme parks - get in early, or attend over the holidays for some special events. They make for great days out for families and provide plenty of entertainment and fun things to do for the kids. Lots of them have good stay over deals on as well, so you can make the most of your time and enjoy at least one full day in the park!

3 - Coastal Briskness
I recently took everyone to Hunstanton. We enjoyed it being quieter than during the summer holidays, but we definitely needed to wrap up warm - hanging out on the seafront during Autumn is brisk to say the least. But its worth it, there is so much to see. In my experience, children love collecting pebbles and shells and there's always the lure of a hot cup of tea when you're ready for a break. All that sea air is very invigorating at this time of year too and not to mention ideal for wearing out the children! Don't forget, if they start to feel the cold when the sun’s behind the clouds, you can always nip into the amusement arcades, as we often do!

4 - Bike Ride
This is possibly the last time this year that you can get your kids on their bikes. I don't know anyone that likes to be out on their bike in the rain. Learning to ride a bike takes a lot of practice and certainly doesn’t happen quickly so the more opportunity you can find to get them out and pedalling, the better.

5 - Kite Flying
Now the wind is picking up in strength again, you could be in for a treat out on a hill with a kite. I used to love going out with the kite as a child. Pick a kite that suits the size, strength and skill-set of your children and always supervise them. Even little ones can enjoy the spectacle of a kite hovering in the air.

There are still a few things you can all enjoy as a family before the temperature sinks into single figures. I guess we all just have to enjoy it while it lasts! What great outdoor adventures are you having this Autumn?

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