A Guide To All The Best Post-Birth Gifts You Could Receive

A common gesture after you give birth is your friends and relatives giving your gifts of congratulations. Often, it can be hard for them to choose you the perfect gift, as you have already received everything that you need.

However, your loved ones want to show you that they care, by giving your gifts of congratulations. Trying to choose the perfect gift for you can be tricky, so make sure to appreciate anything that you get.

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When I had my children, I received some amazing gifts. From lovely home cooked meals for my freezer to offers of child care, I had some awesome presents, and you will too.

To give you an idea of the gifts that you will appreciate and love the most, I thought I would share my favourite post-birth gifts with you, below:

Home cooked meals
When you bring a newborn baby home, your life is filled with comforting, changing nappies and feeding. You barely sleep, have no time to clean or do anything else for that matter, and you live off of ready meals.

If you are lucky enough to have a friend drop over a couple of batches of homemade meals, make sure to thank her. As a new mummy who is trying to shed those baby pounds, healthy, homemade food is one of the best gifts that you could get.

Baby photography session
Your baby might be tiny now, but within a few weeks they will have grown a lot. Many parents don’t have the time to organise a photoshoot for their new baby, but later on regret it, as those first few weeks are so precious.

If a friend or relative gives you the gift of a baby photography session, you should be over the moon. Capturing your baby’s first few weeks is crucial, and having someone else organise the session for you is seriously, sweet.

Teddy bear
Every child needs a teddy bear, and often, the most special ones are the ones that they receive at birth. If one of your friends or relatives is nice enough to get your little one a Charlie Bear from Who Is It For, make sure to thank them. A teddy bear is a perfect gift for a new baby, especially one that they can grow up with and keep for life.

Child care
If you have other children as well as a new baby, some of your friends or relatives may offer to help you out with child care. This is a gift that you will love, as it will give you that much-needed break when you feel like you can no longer cope.

If you are lucky enough to have someone offer to take care of your kids as a present, make sure that you take them up on it. When you have a screaming newborn to deal with, it’s good for both you and your kids to get some space.

There are lots of other fabulous new mummy gifts that you could receive, but those mentioned above, are some of the best ones.

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