A hint of summer

D was off work last week, doing a few bits around the house. As you do. As E was at nursery and I had my usual day in the office, we weren't able to get out and about to do much. 

Thursday was the first day we had with the four of us together so we took advantage and went out for the day. 

We went to Hunstanton. It's pretty much perfect at this time of year as the summer season is over and done with for another year so the roads are clear and it's so much quieter there. 

When we arrived it was quite breezy and the tide was going out. As the morning progressed, the sun came out and out of the shade, it was lovely and warm. Much nicer than it has been of late (as I type this, it is raining yet again!).

Norfolk, beach

Norfolk, beach

We had a short walk along the front. I would have preferred a much longer walk, I do love being beside the sea, but with two little ones, its easier said than done. 

cosatto pushchair

Once the tide had gone out, E and Daddy went on to the beach looking for pebbles and shells - E is learning about the letter P at nursery and was keen to collect some pebbles to take in and show everyone!

Norfolk, beach

We also introduced the girls - yes, T as well - to the arcades and spent a stupid amount on the 2p machines getting some crappy soft keyrings for them. They were so pleased! E and I played air hockey, Mummy's favourite, but E wasn't quite so keen and soon lost interest.

Afterward, we headed to Norfolk Lavender for some lunch (their food is fantastic - big portions and reasonably priced) and went into the farm. At £10 for the four of us, you can't go wrong. 

We spent some time looking at all the chickens and ducks, much to T's excitement and we didn't get to see much else as they spotted the park.  Again - the perfect time to come as there was only one other child there!

E absolutely loves a slide so she was in her element racing up the steps and back down.  T took a little while longer to clamber up the steps but was very pleased with herself when she reached the top (with Mummy and Daddy stood close by ready to act if she stumbled!). 

Neither of them were as keen on the swings this time, not even this big one...

All things slide and swing soon went out of the window when T caught sight of the sandpit.  I couldn't get her out of it and she was covered. When it was time to go, I had to pick her up and carry her out of their kicking and crying, wicked Mummy that I am.  Still, on the whole I think they enjoyed themselves!


  1. What a lovely family day out for you all, I bet it was great to have a day at the beach with not many tourists there to take over. T and E look like they're having a wail of a time exploring the play grounds, I love the shots of them going down the slides. I don't know any little one that could say no to some messy play in a sand pit so you were definitely going to be fighting a losing battle there! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  2. What a lovely day out and how lovely to enjoy the beach with it being quieter - looks like you had beautiful weather too. I used to love the 2p arcade machines as a child too. Looks like you had fun exploring the farm and play area too :-)

  3. What a wonderful day out, the beach and a fabulous park! Looks like you had a beautiful day for it and that you all had a lovely time x #countrykids