Ideas For Tired Mums Who Need A Better Night's Sleep

Well, if your experience of parenthood has been anything like mine, then the chances are that you have never felt more exhausted. If you’re new to the game, then you have my commiserations - I don’t think your sleep patterns will ever be the same again!

The simple truth is that raising kids is tiring. There’s no getting around it, and I'm sure that's the case whether you have three or ten or more hours of great sleep every day (10 hours, sigh, wouldn't that be lovely?!). The trouble is that you need your body to recuperate from all of the energy you use up in the day, and the only time it can do that is when you retire to your bed. So, the better sleep you get, the easier your day will be when you wake up - fresh and ready to take on the world.  

I’ve been feeling tired recently (more so than usual!) - perhaps due to the summer holidays. So, I thought I would read up about improving the quality of my sleeping patterns. I thought I would share it with you today, on the off-chance that some of you may be feeling the same!

Regular sleeping patterns
It’s important to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time, too. I know this can be hard to do, as kids have no concept of when they should get up. Not only that but sometimes its the only time we get to catch up with things we can't do with children hanging on to us or even just have some 'me' time. There have been many nights when my little ones have been up and ready to go before three in the morning. There are various techniques you can use, but I’ve been having some success with a Gro-Clock. Drum it into the kids that it’s time to get up ‘when the Sun comes out on the clock’, and you might have the same success I have had.

Quality of sleep
Even if you are being woken up at peculiar times of the night and morning, it’s important to get the best quality night’s sleep as you can, when you can. And, the key to that is the mattress and the pillow that you use. It’s a case of trial and error, as some people like to sleep on softer beds while others love a hard surface. You could try your luck with memory foam, or natural King Size mattresses - head out to your local bedding shop to test them out before you buy. And don’t forget about your pillows. Proper neck support is vital for improving your sleep quality.

Nap during the day
If you are losing sleep at night, don’t be afraid of catching some Zs during the day. It’s important to stick to your regular sleeping hours, and this is a great way of paying back your sleep debt without disturbing your routine. Now, one thing to remember is that this gets tricky from the moment you have your second child. Your eldest will probably have gone beyond the nap stage, but if you can get it, grab it while you can - I'm not ashamed to admit that on many an occasion we have all got into bed and snuggled down for the afternoon!

Get outside more
Finally, here’s something to think about for when the weather worsens. The more you get outside, the better night’s sleep you will have. The fresh air and what little you see of the sun, are both vital for boosting your melatonin - which is great for better sleep. So, even if it’s raining and cold, try and get out as much as possible.

Well, that’s all I have learned so far - let me know if you have any more tips for tired mums who need more sleep!

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