Saturday, 26 September 2015

Little Miss Attitude

In the last couple of weeks, I have definitely noticed a change in E's attitude. We hear 'why' a LOT. It drives me totally insane. Not to mention the stamping of feet and stomping about. But we're also hearing some other little gems, some of them are funny and others give me an idea of what I'm facing in a few years time!  

For example:

Me: E, do you think you could pick your cup up off the floor please.
E: No.
Me: Please pick it up E, I don't want it to leak on the floor.
E: What's the problem Mummy?

And then there has been 'your Majesty' added to the end of many a sentence, so rather than 'thanks Mummy' its been 'thanks your Majesty' instead. I have no idea where that one's come from! If she were a few years older, I'd swear she meant it sarcastically!

Any gems your little ones have come out with this week that you'd like to share?! 

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