Monthly Roundup : August 2015

As September starts, I thought I'd have a quick look back at August and what we have done.  

With it being the summer holidays, it was the perfect opportunity to get E potty trained (I'll write more about this later!). The only downside being that we didn't go too far from home for much of the time whilst we got her used to it. We've had playdates, visits from Granny and Uncle D, visits to the local farm and zoo, as well as a birthday party to attend and, of course, E turning 3.

T and Granny / new Frozen lunchbox for E at nursery / new Fitbit Charge to replace my broken one (second replacement since January, here's hoping third time is a charm) / playing at the park

Trampoline (a new fave!) / meeting a sheep at the farm / helping Daddy in the garden / deer at the zoo

Dressing up / T feeding her new best friend (seriously, he's on a par with Donkey!) / a moment of unity and playing nicely / And another - they seem to be a rarity so I snap them if I can!  

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  1. Congratulations to E! I hope you had a great party to celebrate the occasion :) And aww, love those pictures of them on the trampoline and playing together, sweet little sisterly love :) Seems like you have had quite a fun-filled August and thanks for linking :)

  2. Lovely pictures, looks like you have made some great memories this summer :) #mymonthlyroundup

  3. cute pictures, congrats on the third birthday!

    (stopping over via my monthly round up linky)