My Advice for a Relaxing Kid's Bedroom

Bedtime is an important part of the day for the whole family. It's a great opportunity for some family quiet time, and I love cuddling up with the girls for a story. I think they need somewhere calm and relaxing to help them drop off to sleep. Too much chaos around little ones tends to distract them and keep them up longer. No child wants to go to sleep when they could be playing with a toy that they can see, but that's just out of reach. I have a few clever tricks to decorate a bedroom so that it helps children drop off to sleep. Here are the top things I do to send my toddlers off to dreamland.

If you want your child's room to be calm and relaxing, I recommend starting with the colour scheme. Some people think that there are certain colours that will help you get a better night's sleep. There have even been studies conducted to try and find out which colours help people to sleep better. Some of the top colours include blue, yellow and green. I think that colourful murals and wallpaper are amazing but I think they can be a bit too much for a peaceful sleeping environment. If you don't want your child's mind to be too active at bedtime, I think sticking to plain colours is better.

The lights you use can make a difference too. Instead of having a bright light on before bed and then switching it off, I recommend lowering the lights first. If you use MR16 Amp GU10 LED bulbs, with a dimmer switch, you can adjust the light to whatever level you want. But if you can't install a dimmer, turn on a table or floor lamp in the evening, instead of the main overhead light. Some children will sleep better in total darkness while others prefer a little bit of light. A nightlight or the hallway light will comfort them without keeping them awake.

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Toys Out of Sight
Sometimes, letting your children play in the same room they sleep in can cause trouble. If they associate the room with playtime, they could have some problems settling at night. But not everyone can or wants to keep playing out of the bedroom. If your children do play in their rooms, it's not going to have a hugely detrimental effect on their sleep. But I think making sure that all toys are put away at night helps to create a neat and tidy sleep environment.

Bedroom as a Safe Place
I also think that bedrooms should be calm and peaceful places where children feel safe. So I don't use them for punishments or time-outs. I try to keep it as a positive place to be, to help prevent negative emotions stopping them from falling asleep.

Little ones need a lot of sleep, so making sure their sleeping environment helps them get it is essential and I think some of these methods could help you improve your child's sleep in no time.

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