The return to nursery

Today E went back to nursery and I was surprised at just how tough I found it, especially as she's been going for a year!  

On the one hand, it was YESSS!  Its been a long six weeks, we both need the routine and she needs more stimulation and attention that I can give with T clambering for attention. On the other, I was anxious.  Previously, she had been in the baby and toddler unit with the younger children. Although she had several different key workers (4 over the year) she was settled and loved going. Some mums have to stand and say long goodbyes each day. Me? E would run off and I'd have to drag her back for a kiss and to say goodbye!

E isn't keen on change. The only time I've had difficulty in leaving her is when there was an increase in children in the class and she found it too crowded. 

She was very excited to go with her new Frozen bag and lunchbox but when she got into the classroom, she immediately turned around and grabbed my leg, despite her friends being there.  It felt like a punch to my stomach and I scooped her up for a cuddle, where she stayed until her keyworker took her from me.  I'll admit, as I walked out of the gate and got in the car I did have a little cry. She's one of the youngest in the class and she looks so small next to the rest of them!  Luckily, I had a friend over this morning so she helped to take my mind off things.

It seemed a long time until I had to collect her but I was relieved to see her sat listening to a story with a big grin when she saw me. Other than being absolutely shattered, she had enjoyed herself. After seeing how much she has come along since starting, I'm looking forward to seeing how she progresses in the coming year. 

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