Ultimate Guide To Family Check Ups

Having a family means one of us usually has the sniffles. While that’s no cause for alarm, I know that it’s important to keep on top of our healthcare needs. It’s not just the kids that I need to worry about either. All of us, and my extended family too, should be wary about neglecting our health. I’ve been busy looking at what’s coming up in my appointments calendar to check we’re not missing anything important.

When I was pregnant, I received lots of checkups and health care. Since having the kids, whilst I had a health scare a while ago, I don’t think I’ve had a blood test or my blood pressure checked in ages! It almost feels weird that I’ve not got any appointments for myself. Still, I’m not one to sit and wait for problems to creep up. Instead, I’m going to be proactive and make sure we’re all on top of our health issues.

The kids regularly have sniffles, as is normal for children. I rarely worry about it, because they’re rarely ill with it. Drippy noses come with the territory for kids. Still, I do keep a check on their temperatures, and I have a good supply of tissues in! If I catch a cold, I like to grab one of those medicated hot lemon drinks. They keep me ticking over well enough to carry on with life.

I’m well aware that I’m approaching that age when your eyesight can start to get worse. I’ve been looking into Opticians in the area to see if any will check the kids. The midwives and nurses check the eyesight of newborns, but the kids haven’t had much in the way of checks since then. Instead of reading letters they can tell the eye specialist what pictures they see. Some simple tracking tests should confirm that their eyesight is fine.

Hearing tests were also performed when they were small babies. Generally speaking, hearing tests are only conducted if you feel there is a problem. I think it’s only in old age that any of us will start to lose our hearing. There are local hearing centres in the town, though. They check you can make out sounds at different pitches.

The dreaded dentist is the one appointment I do get a little wary about but I've booked us in to see a sympathetic dentist for their first formal check ups. When they reach the age of three, it’s a good idea to take children to the dentist for their first formal check up. Milk teeth can easily rot if brushing isn’t thorough or the enamel comes into contact with sugary drinks too frequently.

For me, I know that smear tests can be potentially life saving but it doesn’t make them any less unpleasant! Still, it’s an appointment I won’t be missing. If you have any health concerns, it’s always a good idea to discuss them with the doctor. I know I would do anything to get some help if my little ones were poorly. Stay healthy.

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