Why I need to rethink my garage space

t’s been quite a while since it was just me and D. And it’s been even longer since it was just me! Over the last handful of years, my life has changed completely. My priorities are certainly different and the amount of stuff I own has more than quadrupled! It’s an endless task keeping the house tidy. Things just seem to multiply within the blink of an eye, especially with the kids!

Since moving, I've been trying my best to have regular clear outs, but sometimes it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle with it. Instead, I think I actually need more space and smarter storage solutions. We're lucky to have a garage but, to be honest, its a bit awkward to squeeze the car in, especially when part of it looks like this:

I hate that its a waste space, just filled with 'stuff'. If we could get some of it cleared, perhaps we could do more with it? Some people have done some clever conversions for their garages. I’ve seen pictures of incredible man caves, playrooms and even guest rooms. Those with a modicum of imagination could turn their garage into a gym or den quite easily I suppose. I guess it might depend on whether your garage is integral to the house or a separate building. But the possibilities are certainly piquing my interest.

If nothing else, I know that a garage needs to be secure. We looked at Lakes garage doors, to see what options there are. I would really love a motorised garage door! It would make life that much easier and when it's pelting it down with rain, who wants to have to get out of the car to undo doors? I'm getting ahead of myself really when we haven't even decided what we're doing with it yet so in the meantime I'm starting to think of clever storage solutions for garages instead.

The garage is usually somewhere all the garden tools go. Plus old packaging and boxes - we still have a ton from moving! Then there are all those gadgets we might use eventually one day. Not to mention all the old kids toys and other bits and pieces that I can't bear to get rid of. I think if you have a good head height in there, it makes sense to create shelves or cupboards high up out of the way. That way you’ve still got the floor space free if you can fit your car in. Bike racks for walls are really handy, although I think the stabiliser wheels on the kids’ bikes might get in the way.

I would love to have an extra room made out of the garage - perhaps a larger and more contained toy room for the girls as the current playroom is open plan and leads straight into the living room, which is where most of the toys end up! They can store all their toys in there. Perhaps a little table and chairs and a nice art area would work well in there too. I would worry about ventilation, though. And of course, everything that is potentially hazardous would have to be stored elsewhere. Knowing my luck, with how much is in there we would need to rent another garage!

I think garages can be really handy for the modern family. If you’ve got the time, energy and money I guess you can convert one into almost anything. I do hate the thought of all that wasted space. Even a quick tidy up and some storage solutions would be better than nothing! If money were not object, what would you make of yours?

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