5 Questions to ask before buying furniture

Since moving and actually having our own space, its become quite apparent that we need to buy some new furniture. Some of the stuff we have, we've had for years and years and we're still happy with it. Other things are old and tatty and need replacing.  And sometimes, I just look at it and think we need a change. Something new and fresh to look at and style.  

I've spent hours trawling through websites and online auctions, looking at furniture and trying to visualise how they will look in our home. Buying furniture can be problematic, especially if its a big piece, e.g. a kitchen table, so its important to know exactly what we are looking for and to make sure it fits our criteria.  Here's my top 5 questions to ask before buying furniture: 

1 - Will It Fit?

Although it sounds silly, the most common problem we have when we buy furniture is the measurements. For some reasons, we love to get them wrong, and the result is that the furniture doesn’t fit when it arrives. I don’t need to tell you that it is an easily avoidable problem - all it takes to get it right the first time is one simple question and a tape measure!

2 - Who Uses The Space?

When we buy furniture, we often buy it for more than one person, which is problematic because it means we have to think about other people’s need rather than our needs. Not to sound selfish, but that make it a bit of a nightmare! Everyone is different and has a different style or preference, from fabric to leather and beyond. My tip is to try and come to a compromise. If everyone is going to use the space or the furniture, it should be comfortable for everyone.

3 - Is It Functional?

The most important part of any piece of furniture, from my point of view, is its practicality. If a table or a chair doesn’t do what it should, then it is out of the door. Obviously, it is nice to know before we make our final decision to avoid wasting money. So, try it out before you buy. The only real way to know whether a piece of furniture is practical is to take it for a test drive. Most stores understand this, so don't feel intimidated by the sales staff watching you when visiting. Sit on that sofa or get horizontal on that bed!

4 - Does It Fit The Style Of The Room Or House?

What we must remember is that our home furniture plays a massive part in our home’s d├ęcor. When we go to all the trouble to make our homes look perfect, we don’t want to ruin it by picking the wrong accessory. Obviously, the style of the furniture is important, but the colour is important too. A little detail like the colour could make a massive difference, so avoid buying something that isn’t quite right.

5 - What Is My Budget?

Probably the most important question to ask before we buy. The perfect piece of furniture is one that covers all angles and that includes the price. We don’t want to buy a sofa that is way over our budget because furniture is not worth getting into debt for. Find a number and stick to it rigorously.

Happy furniture shopping!

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