Monthly Roundup : September 2015

September's been a funny old month.  

E returned to nursery and it's taken a while but she finally seems to have settled. Lunch times are very hit and miss as to whether she eats or not with her usually greeting me with "I want lunch at home Mummy". Hopefully that will sort itself out soon.

Within a week of her return, both her and T have already had colds and horrible coughs. E has been so bad we ended up taking her to the out of hours surgery, resulting in her having to have an inhaler. Thankfully it finally (touch wood) seems to be easing off. Luckily T didn't have it quite so bad.

There was an eventful afternoon with our next door neighbour and dealing with a visitor to him who was bitten by his dog. We had a visit from the woman to say thank you for helping her but surprisingly we've not heard anything further from the neighbour or the Police. 

September has seen us putting the girls in to separate bedrooms. They had been sharing but with them having been ill, it seemed the perfect time to do it. T has never been a brilliant sleeper and was often waking E, meaning that I was getting up on average 2-5 times a night. Since putting them in their own rooms, they've both been sleeping SO much better - and so have I and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that, even if I am still tired!

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  1. Fun month, your girls are adorable!

  2. Aww what cheeky little smiles :D Sounds like you have had an eventful month, with plenty of milestones... Returning to nursery, moving to separate bedrooms... So sorry to hear they have been feeling ill but it is great they are starting to sleep better now that they are in separate bedrooms - long may the good long sleep continue! :D Thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup! (btw, my little one knows how to open the stairgates... kids are too clever for their own goods sometimes aren't they!)