What To Do When You Know You're Done Having Kids

I’m a ‘never say never’ type of person. I know first hand that anything can happen, and you can change your viewpoint in a second. I’ve got my two beautiful babies, but I wouldn’t say I’m never having any more. Unfortunately, this means I am really reluctant to let go of anything from their younger years, in case another one comes along and needs it. After all, baby things are so expensive to replace new!

But when you know you just can’t keep everything anymore don’t be tempted to fill up your wheelie bin. You may have been lucky enough to have been gifted these things, or had the money to buy them new. There are thousands of Mums out there who aren’t in that place right now. Check out your local FaceBook pages to see if there are any ‘Mummy’ groups. Chances are, you can help a family in need with a generous gift of your unwanted baby things.

Kids are expensive too. Perhaps you’re ready to move the kids onto bigger beds, or you’re about to be hit with a big School Uniform bill. Selling the things you don’t need anymore can be a great way to raise some of the cash. You can advertise them for pick up or use an auction site and post them out to reach a wider net of people.

There will be some items that will be hard to sell, though. Old mattresses and worn clothes can’t usually be sold. You may need to have a big clearout in your house and use a House Clearance service to take it away from you. As the kids get bigger, they need bigger bedrooms and tend to have larger toys. All space is valuable in a busy family house, so see what you can get rid of.

If you’re like me, then it can be quite emotional having to let go of the things from the newborn days. They were such precious times, and so tiring. It’s hard enough to remember them in detail as it is. So we keep mementos to help us stay attached to those few beautiful weeks when we first met our babies. But goodness me - doesn’t it fill the house!

There will come a time when we overflow our home. I guess I will have to let some of these items we don’t use anymore go. There will always be those two or three outfits that I have to keep because they were so cute in them. And then there are those first toys they never put down....

If you know that you’ve carried your last pregnancy, then it may be time for you to let go of some of the things cluttering up your cupboards. After all, the kids will keep growing, and they’re going to acquire more and more things for you to store around the house. It could be emotional, but it’s good to make space for your future.

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