How To Plan A Wedding When You Don't Have Much Time

There is a big difference between getting married and having a wedding. When you think about weddings, you think of big events with lots of beautiful dresses, decorations and guests. But getting married, when it comes down to it, is a simple legal process where you verbally agree to your union and sign a document to confirm it. It doesn’t need to be more than that, but so many of people love the beauty and romance of a big white wedding.

My wedding was a very quiet and simple occasion. We decided to keep it to the very bare minimum of what was required,and celebrated with a small lunch out. There were no bells, white dresses or guest lists. That suited us just fine as a couple and it was exactly what we had always wanted.

But for many couples, the expense of a wedding doesn’t put them off making it a big event. If you want a full celebration of your union, then you will need to plan the wedding meticulously. This can take a lot of time, some people spend months and even years, planning their big day. If your wedding date is fast approaching, then you may need to take a few shortcuts.

If your venue is booked and the day is set, it’s time to get the invitations out. One of the quickest ways to notify guests of your event is to use an online service. You can choose traditional or modern invitations for weddings by Paper Theme this way. Once the RSVPs start to come back in, you can order your catering requirements.

Even if you buy a dress off the peg, you will need a little time to have it altered to fit you perfectly. Most dress boutiques suggest a minimum of a month to six weeks. If you don’t have that amount of time, then you may need to buy a better fitting dress in a style that may not be your preference. Bridal boutiques usually stock lingerie, shoes, hair dressings and jewellery for your big day too. This can be the quickest and easiest way to get all your bridal wear.

You can make your own wedding cake to save time waiting for the cake shop, or perhaps ask a friend or family member to help. My Mum is a keen baker and would have happily made mine for me (had we had a cake!) if I had asked her. One of the easiest ways to tackle this is by creating tiers of decorated cupcakes. You can make them as plain or fancy as you choose, perhaps icing in the same colours as the decorations at your venue. Talking of venues, if you are decorating the venue yourself, keep it simple. Choose artificial flowers to create centrepieces if you don’t have time to order from the florist. You could even create your bridal bouquet this way.

If you can’t source a wedding car in time for your big day, you can always decorate a friend’s car with ribbon and wipe-clean paint. You can make up the wedding favours yourself by buying sugar almonds (if you're going the traditional route) and bags online. Ask your family and friends to help you put things together for your wedding. Perhaps one of them can DJ your big event, and MC the reception proceedings?

And if this all seems too much, don't forget you can always marry legally in small service at the Registry Office like we did. Then you can take your time to plan the big wedding as a blessing later on, without worrying about all the paperwork hassles. Whatever you choose, enjoy your big day!

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