Making our house a home - Stairs and Shelving

Since moving into our home, we've been a little limited with the work we can do to it. We need new windows fitting and it seems silly to spend time and money on things like decorating when it will need re-doing in the not-so-distant future. That said, we have managed to get a few things done here and there, mostly dull jobs like sorting the garden and driveway to look presentable after months of neglect, and some odd bits in the house. 

One big job that has been done - well, started, at least, is the stairs. The stairs were a major concern for us and they were the first thing to be worked on when we moved in. 

This picture shows them when the work had started but you can see what was there. It was a very unsafe and very dated 70s style bannister. And as you can see below, here's how it looked once D had finished:

It isn't quite complete, it needs some edging along the bottom to finish it and obviously the whole thing needs to be painted white but at least it is now safe for the girls. 

On to the living room. Where it has been extended over the years, the house has a couple of.... quirks.  The picture below is taken from before we moved in.

See that panel of glass? Isn't it ugly? It was obviously a doorway before one of the extensions but rather than brick it up, someone has put a pane of glass in instead, who knows why?  It does look odd, ugly, even but it does let light through as behind it is the kitchen which in turn leads through to the conservatory. That said, we didn't like it. The girls would often talk to each other through it, putting their hands all over it and even licking the glass (well, T would!) so it always looked dirty. After much discussion about what we should do with it, D removed the glass and added some shelves.

Doesn't that look better? Granted, I still think it looks a little odd but I much prefer it with shelving in. Now we just need to get some things to put on the shelves! 


  1. Your stairs look great and that bookcase is genius! Great idea! x

    1. Thanks! Its definitely better than it was x